Safety Certified

Quantic™ UTC’s Safety Certified Capacitors are designed for surge or lightning immunity in modems, facsimiles, and other equipment. The capacitors of SY2 series are class X1/Y2 compliant, and the capacitors of SX2 series are class X2 compliant.

The green type capacitors in SY2/SX2 series are manufactured using environmentally friendly materials without lead or cadmium. The terminations are composed of plated nickel and pure tin, providing superior leaching resistance during soldering.


  • High reliability and stability
  • Small size and high capacitance
  • Safety standard approval by certificate number: TUV. R-50551491 UL. E529341
  • RoHS and HALOGEN compliant


  • Modem 
  • Facsimile
  • Telephone
  • Other electronic equipment for lightning or surge protection and isolation