MegaCap Type (BC Series)

Quantic UTC’s MegaCap Type (BC Series) technology in a leaded and stacked format. Delivering capacitance performance typically associated with much larger footprints. The leaded configuration reduces strain on the part in stressful mechanical and thermal environments. This rugged configuration, coupled with high capacitance values and with available voltages to 1000V makes this an excellent choice for industrial and automotive environments. Available in both C0G and X7R dielectrics, single and multi-chip stacks with J- & L-tab leads. Custom configurations and higher capacitances are also available.


•    Higher Capacitance on Same Footprint

•    C0G and X7R dielectrics 

•    Voltages up to 1000V

•    High Mechanical & Thermal Endurance

•    Excellent Vibration Performance

•    AEC-Q200 Options Available

•    RoHS Compliant


•    Industrial Smoothing & Decoupling

•    Resonant Charging Systems

•    DC to DC converters

•    High Voltage Coupling /DC Blocking 

•    Power Supplies

•    Snubbers in High Frequency

•    Power Converters